Basoko was a terrestrial planet. Woods covered the planet, while people lived in huge underground cities.

Description Edit

Basoko was covered in giant trees. Inside the planets forests, lived the giant Bonehunters, vicious monsters who came out at night. The forest was covered with ambient mist at night, and on rare occasions during the day as well. Bonehunters hid in the mist. For this reason Otsoans live in underground tunnel networks and habitats. Basoko used to be normal until the United Kuruk Federation attacked with mist weaponry mutating dead Otsoan corpses into the Bonehunters.

History Edit

Before the Bombing Edit

The Otsoans created a super advanced civalization. Around 1864 AD the Otsoans made their home planet the capital of the Otsol Kingdom. The Otsol Kingdom came into conflict with the United Kuruk Federation. In an unknown event the planet was attacked and Otsoan Civilization on and off the planet was destroyed.

A Period of Darkness Edit

After 1879 the planet was radically different. The Otsoans lived under an impenatrable barrier in caverans lit by the blue crystal covered ceilings. It was eventually forgotten that their was an entire galaxy beyond their world. Otsoan's knew only of the holes where Bonehunters attacked from. This led to the belief that outside the caverns was an endless void of darkness. Otsoans also had books mentioning another world.