The United Interstellar Republic, also known as the Old Republic or Old Galactic Republic to differentiate it from the successor state of the same name, was a Federal Republic that existed for over a thousand years. The Old Republic was the dominant government for most of its existence up until its disastrous fall. The Old Republic at its height, was more populous than the current state of the same name.

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First century Edit

During the war for independence against the insidious Alliance, the Republic employed the use of Mist weaponry instead of conventional weaponry, however this proved to be too destructive, and was reserved for important battles.The War against the Alliance began when the resistance forces had advanced towards the Capital; Earth. The Core Worlds Republic, as it was then known had expected Global United to surrender, as their headquarters all over the planet were surrounded. The Republic sent the legendary Brumian Knights, founded on Cielo. This ended in a disaster as the entire planet was consumed by the desolation. The Brumian knights were devestated, with only half of the order still alive.The Alliance had suffered a great loss in scuttling earth, but had dealt a harsh blow to the Republic as well.The Alliance eventually was shattered a few years later in 2110(10 RC). Eleven factions arose and began fighting for power.

Second Century Edit

During the second century the Republic sought to stabilize the Outer Margin by supporting the provisional government on Terra, which had been steadily crumbling since the desolation, threatening to cause a civil war that would spread across the region. During the early 130's a new party known as the Industrial Liberal party, who's members were called Indies. The Indies supported increased government control of factory worlds of the Mid Rim Regional Department. This was met with resistance from many local governments who wanted to prevent an increase in regulations that might damage their economy. The Loben sector revolt was caused when an Indie Vice president

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The Fourth Century(The Home War) Edit

Fifth Century(New Frontiers) Edit

The Terran Civil War continuing from the last century had resulted in a noble victory. The Newly founded United Terran Kingdom expanded through out the Outer Margin and Colonies, forming the Terran Empire. The Republic attempted to reinstate the previous government, leading to a major war between the new empire. The Republic eventually gave up the lost territory, as it was fighting a war on three fronts,

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