Waikku was an urbanized planet. Waikku was an ecumenopolis with the entirety of its land covered in a giant city. Waikku also had some oceans. Waikku was characterized by its thick soupy atmosphere. As a result summers could be brutally hot, even if the sun was not in view. Waikku was ruled by Waikku City.

Description Edit

Waikku was originally a jungle planet with gigantic vegetation. Waikku had many lakes that were artificially channeled into oceans and canals. The planet had a large interconnected landmass known as the Continental Belt or the Conbelt. The Con belt covers half of the planets surface area. The Conbelt is the location of Waikku City, the ruling nation of the planet. Waikku City is a dense cityscape.

Waikku was known as the Jarreban of the outer Rim, taking the title from Micans. Waikku had an incredible criminal underworld.

History Edit

The First settlers of Waikku settled in 1634 AD. They were met with hostile resistance from a race of giants. The giants resembled modern corrupted monsters, except they were totally organic and contained no cybernetics. The giants produced spores that mutated the human settlers of Waikku into the modern Wakons, developing bony protrusions and strange skin colors.